Welcome to Open House, an English-speaking community in Grenoble, France! We were founded in 1987 to support the growing English-speaking population in Grenoble and the surrounding area. In 2018, we currently have more than 150 members from 35 countries. Read more about us and our mission.

Open House, with the help of their members, organizes weekly, monthly and annual gatherings around the city. Here are a few examples below:

  • Weekly and monthly meet-ups: Join us for coffee, drinks, playdates, cultural outings, outdoor activities and more
  • Annual events: Celebrate different cultural holidays throughout the year such as Canadian Thanksgiving, Christmas, Galette des Rois, Easter Egg Hunt and more

For the full list of events visit  these pages Activities – Groups and Events. You can also view our event calendar for more information.

You are welcome to join us! To attend these events kindly apply for membership.


  • September rentrée picnic!  – Sunday, September 9th 2018 at la Poya Parc (more details to come soon)
  • Thanksgiving – Sunday, October 8th 2018
  • Family Fall Festival – Sunday, November 11th 2018
  • Adult Christmas Party – Saturday, December 8th 2018
  • Family Christmas Activities – Sunday, December 16th 2018