Welcome to Open House, an English-speaking cultural association in Grenoble, France. We were founded in 1987 to support the growing English-speaking population in Grenoble and the surrounding area. We currently have more than 150 members from 27 countries.

Open House organizes a wide array of activities throughout the year, including annual events such as a Holiday Apéro Dinatoire and summer Picnic BBQ, as well as regularly scheduled activities. We also host several events for kids including a Halloween Party, Winter Holiday Party, and an Easter Egg Hunt! View our event calendar for more information and apply for membership.


Improve Your French – Tuesday, June 12th – the last one before the summer, don’t miss it out!!!

Craft Group – Thursday, June 14th

Please check our Event Calendar for more details about our weekly groups, cultural outings and events.


Open House Charity Blanket
In November 2017, the members of Open House Craft group posing with the wool blanket they made for charity. This large blanket was a group effort: different squares made by different people from left over wool. The charity organization Resto du Coeur appreciated this international effort with people from nationalities from all over the world contributing to it. They loved the colors and said the blanket would go very quickly to someone who really needed it.
This is not the first our attempt to help homeless people – OH Craft group also made 2 warm baby blankets earlier this year and donated to the families in need through the charity organizations.