The board, together with Open House volunteers organized the following events in 2017: an annual summer picnic, a Thanksgiving meal, a children’s Halloween party, a Christmas dinner, a children’s Christmas party. In 2018 the following were organized: a Galette des Rois party, the Children’s Easter Egg Hunt and party and a raclette/hiking outing.
Our regular general meetings continue which include the Rentrée Meeting in September and the General Assembly Meeting in the Spring.
Check the Open House calendar often to see what activities are coming up.


Rentrée Family Picnic

The Rentrée Meeting is held in September and features a membership drive and presentation of the Interest Groups and activities planned for the membership year.

Fall Festival

Family event with costumes and scary decorations in November.

Holiday Apéritif Dînatoire

Posh fancy pre-Christmas dinner in December (adults only).

Children’s Holiday Party

With Christmas tree and Santa Claus, and gifts!

Easter Egg Hunt

The biggest celebration in Spring, along with the famous egg hunt.

Summer BBQ Picnic

Our most popular meat festival in June.

Arts and Culture

This group depends on members who want to organize a single (or several) outings. These outings could include anything from a trip to a local museum to laser tag.