Get more from Grenoble by becoming a member of one of its largest English-speaking cultural association.
Membership benefits include:
* Unlimited free access to Open House Groups, including Book Group, Café Français, Cultural Outings Groups, Coffee Chat and more
* Free and/or discounted entry to all Open House events;
* Exclusive free membership to Grenoble’s leading language library at l’association Babel;
* Exclusive access to our social networks of circa 300 members (Open House Members’
Facebook page);
* Access to all the latest events, news, business opportunities and member information.
Yearly membership fees:

45€ – Full Membership (Includes spouse and children  living at home (up to the age of 18)

35€ – Individual Membership

Once you have completed and submitted a Membership Application, you will receive an email confirming receipt and welcome letter.
Payment options:
By cheque:
To pay by cheque, click here and complete the membership form.
Once completed, select the ‘pay by cheque’ option on the form and send the cheque to: Open House Grenoble, 2 rue Henri Ding, 38000 Grenoble.
Money transfer:
Please note that additional costs will be incurred for money transfer payments from non-French banks.
Bank identification details for payments by money transfer:

Please note: Your bank may charge a fee for the transaction, which is not deductible from the cost of membership.
In the event of any transfer error, you are responsible for obtaining a reverse-transfer from Open House. Contact us if you have any queries.
Please include your e-mail address on the bank transfer form so that we can e-mail you confirmation of receipt of payment.
And finally…
The success of our association is down to our hard-working volunteers and our desire to create a strong community in Grenoble. If you are a member and would like a copy of our annual report for detailed financial information, please contact us.
If you would like to review our privacy policy, please find it here.