Payment Information

Please submit your membership application before paying your dues.

Once you’ve submitted your application, you can pay in one of the following three ways:

By Pay Pal:

Please note that there is a 1 € processing fee to pay by PayPal.

By paper check:

Please go to the contact us page: and once you submit your entry showing that you would like to pay via check, we will send you an email as to where to send the check. It is very easy! Make sure you use the drop down menu that says “treasurer”

By money transfer:

To make a money transfer by bank wire to the account of Open House, you will need access to your personal banking online services (your bank’s website).  Your bank account must be with a domestic (French) bank.  Depending on the requirements set forth by your bank, the following information may be required to complete a money transfer transaction:

To ensure that we process your payment properly, please include (on your bank’s money transfer form) the exact email address you use (or will use) to receive Open House communications.

Le bénéficiaire: Open House
Address: 53 Gambetta 38000 Grenoble
Code de l’établissement (bank ID): 10468
Code du guichet (branch ID): 04419
No. de compte (account number): 11046300200
Clé RIB: 46
BIC (Bank Identifier Code): RALPFR2G
IBAN FR76 1046 8044 1911 0463 0020 046

Please note: A bank transfer is an irreversible operation. In case of error, you are responsible for obtaining a reverse-transfer from the beneficiary of the erroneous transfer.  Open House cannot obtain fees that are transferred to an account that is not the account of Open House.

Also note:  As the issuer of the transfer, your bank may (or may not) charge a fee for the transaction.  The Open House membership fees may not be reduced by the amount of any such bank fees charged by your bank.