Membership Benefits

Open House welcomes English-speaking non-French people living in the Grenoble area. We also welcome French people who speak fluent English and have lived outside France and its territories for at least one year. Our rules allow us to accept up to 25% members with French nationality.

As a member of Open House you are entitled to:

  • Receive a bi-monthly Newsletter by email
  • Access to our private Facebook page with 200+ Members (you must make a request to join once you have received confirmation of your membership)
  • Free or discounted access to all Open House Events and Group Activities. Last year, we offered 12 Interest Groups, 5 large events, 3 kids events, and several cultural outings and workshops

Want to become a member of Open House?
To become a new member of the Open House Association, please complete the Membership Application and submit your Annual Membership Fee.

If you are currently a member of Open House, or if your membership has recently expired (within the past 90 days), you may renew your membership using the Membership Application, which is used for both new and returning members.

Once you have completed and submitted a Membership Application, you will receive an email confirming the receipt of your information and providing you with payment details.